5 Easy Ways to Avoid Migraine Headaches

There are many ways to avoid migraine headaches experienced by almost 30 million Americans. Here are five migraine relief that you can do without spending any for migraine medication.

Limit Your Time on TV Watching and Computer

Too much watching of TV or being in front of a computer screen for a significant amount of time can cause migraines that is why it is important to take a break when watching TV or working in front of a computer so as to rest our eyes.

You can also adjust the brightness of the TV screen and computer monitor to prevent these devices from triggering a migraine headache.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Chocolates, red wine and dark alcohol can also start a migraine headache that is why it is important to limit intake of these foods. Foods and drinks with caffeine and alcohol can also trigger migraines.

A general technique on how to prevent migraine headaches is keeping track of what you eat, drink and do and then record the time when you suffer from a migraine headache. This is a good way of knowing what foods or activities trigger your migraine headache and what to avoid to prevent a migraine attack.

Getting the proper nutrients into your body can also be a way on how to prevent migraine headaches. Certain herbs and some minerals are good in preventing migraines. A lack of the mineral magnesium can trigger migraine such that taking a daily supplement of these mineral can help ward off a migraine headache.

Women at High Risk of Migraines on Their Periods

Migraine headaches experienced by women during their menstrual cycle. Women should be careful with their diet as well as exercise routines during these period to prevent developing migraine. Oral contraceptives are also known to trigger migraine headaches that is why it is wise for females to switch to other forms of birth control.

Stay Indoor, Relax and Rest

Being aware of your environment can also help you prevent migraines since humidity and hot temperatures as well as a rainy weather can start a migraine headache. Stay indoors if the weather becomes uncomfortable to you.

Eating and sleeping in a regular basis help a lot in preventing migraine headaches. Makes sure you have a meal an hour after a long sleep and every after three hours.
Remember not to skip a meal.

Also remember that getting too much sleep can cause headaches.Lack of sleep can aggravate symptoms of migraine headaches that is why it is essential that you sleep at approximately eight hours a day.

Avoid stressful situations as well or when stress is unavoidable, just control how you react with stressful situations. Stress can cause migraines that is why relaxation activities such as yoga and mediation are essential in reducing the levels of your stress while calming our mind and body.

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