Migraine Clinical Trials

Migraine headaches affect about ten percent of the population. Many migraine sufferers experience their first headache some time during adolescence, most by the time they are forty; but migraine headaches can strike at any age. Research indicates that, fortunately, in most cases, as the patient ages, the migraines lessen in severity and frequency. Migraines typically last from one to 24 hours, although a small number of people suffer migraine symptoms for days at a time.

Migraine Headache Research

A significant amount of research has been done on migraine triggers, migraine medications and other treatments, and potential cures. Clinical trials often target one of these areas so that the medical community can better understand the condition and devise the best therapeutic approach depending on the symptoms and severity of the headaches.

Through clinical trials, physicians have come to understand the physical effects of migraine headaches and have been able to pinpoint numerous migraine triggers, both environmental and physical. Migraine triggers are highly individualized, but some common triggers do exist: alcohol, chocolate, certain food additives and preservatives, caffeine, some medications, hormonal changes, stress, and lack of sleep or adequate nutrition.

Why Get Involved with a Migraine Research Study?

Clinical trials studying migraine headaches, or evaluating new migraine medications or triggers are vital to advances in headache research. Never has there been more hope, or more opportunity to develop better treatment methods for migraines, and preventative methods for its debilitating effects. Participating in a clinical trial may mean a better way to control migraines for both yourself and, quite literally, millions of others. This site provides access to a number of trials studying migraines. Registration does not oblige you to proceed, but it will enable you to find out about the options.

How to Join a Migraine Clinical Trial

Depending on your location, there may be clinical trials near you that are in the recruitment phase. Visit your local hospitals to inquire. Alternatively, check the following websites for information on any migraine clinical trials in your area that may be recruiting participants.

  1. ClinicalTrials.gov: Visit the website, and then enter “migraine” in the Search for Studies box.
  2. Mayo Clinic Clinical Trials: Visit the website, and then enter “migraine” in the FIND CLINICAL TRIALS box.
  3. Center Watch: Click the link to view ongoing and upcoming migraine clinical trials by state.
  4. NIH: Click the link for information about migraine clinical trials and a list of ongoing and upcoming trials.

If you find a migraine clinical trial that you would like to join, verify that you qualify for the trial. Hospitals and clinical research companies often publish a list of criteria that individuals must meet before they can be accepted into the trial. They also provide their contact information so you can obtain more details about the migraine clinical trial in which you want to participate.

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